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Thank you so much for all you have done

Mrs S

Thank you for taking the time to listen to me and my family.

Miss K

I am now feeling very positive about the future.

Mrs C

There are no words that could express how much your support has meant to me.

Mrs A

The way you have engaged with my son has made such a difference.

Mr K

Thank you for always being there to listen to me


We had endured disruptive evenings for over 18 months due to problems putting our 8 year old daughter to bed. We would put her to bed, and she would repeatedly come out of her bedroom and downstairs and tell us she couldn’t get to sleep. This would often start within 15 minutes of being put to bed & at its worst she would come down over a dozen times and carry on for over two hours when we were due to go to bed. We had tried numerous different approaches with little improvement and in desperation we contacted the school nurse for advice. After several consultations and referrals, we had our first meeting with [Family Support Worker].

From the very first meeting we felt that we had someone helping us who understood the situation and the stress and strain which we were going through. The approach taken was completely inclusive with consideration being given to the entire family unit with all members given input. We went through several exercises over successive meetings with all four family members present. We then devised a progressive system with rewards once weekly targets were achieved.

Though a gradual process on completion of the 12 week program I can happily say that bed times are now a straightforward and stress-free process. The approach taken has been successful and we would wholeheartedly recommend this service to any families who are having trouble dealing with a behavioural issue with a child


My family is more confident, open about feelings and able to express emotions, which has overall made us all stronger and happier.

I would like to thank SCTSP and [Family Support Worker] personally for all the lovely help and support that has been provided.


It gave myself more confidence to approach school to discuss my child’s issues. Which in turn has enabled me to be more confident in helping my child at home. I am grateful for the help and support received. I left I was listened to without being pre-judged.” 


Helped me and my son learn how to cope with situations better and has put us on the path to getting more help.

[Family Support Worker] has been fantastic during the whole process and we really appreciate all the help she has given us as a family.


[Family Support Worker] has made a difference with [my child] having someone to talk to and giving [my child] new strategies to work through her anxiety. She has listened to our concerns and helped put things in place at school. [My child] now seems to listen to us more and trust us more which is great. [My child] still has a lot of work to do but she has the tools to help herself and we have tools to help [my child].


Helped us improve our communication.


[Family Support Worker] has been fantastic in helping us. And although we still need further assistance, she has helped make sure we are heading to the right service. So Thank you xx.



Provided help and support when needed. Excellent support received from [Family Support Worker].


Excellent service, wish support could last forever as really supportive.


[X] is now able to understand and express his feelings resulting in a happier boy.