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When I received a letter following my antenatal screening blood test for Sickle cell & Thalassaemia. I was informed that I was a carrier of the Sickle Cell gene. I was petrified as I thought that it would hurt my baby and also that it would affect my relationship with my partner. But when I then spoke to the specialist nurse about it she made me understand it much better and my mind was really put at ease. She helped me to understand that it was something that I was born with and nothing that I could have done to prevent it being in my body. She also spoke to my baby’s father about it and he was very understanding. My baby’s father then agreed to being screened for haemoglobinopathies, the outcome of his blood test was positive as he unlike me was not a carrier of the Sickle Cell. This was fantastic for us as this meant that we were not at risk of having a baby effected by Sickle Cell disease. But the specialist nurse was so helpful that if the situation was different I think that we would have been able to cope


When I received a letter regarding my babies heel prick test, I did not understand the letter, when the lady she explained the results clearly.


Having a home visit for my baby’s heel prick test was so helpful as it helped me to be relaxed in own home environment, I was also able to invite my parents and other family members to the counselling session.


I had heard of sickle cell and panicked that this was bad, until I am so happy the lady came to my house and explained the results and that my baby was only a carrier.


I was so glad I was offered an appointment and someone explained my babies results as my partner had refused in pregnancy to be screened.


I was in total shock when the screening nurse came to my house and told me my baby’s results, when I met Dr Brent and Pam in clinic they were so understanding and supported me to understand my babies condition. Pam has been to my home as well to support me.


I was really confused when the screening nurse came to my house to inform me about my baby’s result, I then attended New Cross to see Dr Brent and I saw Pam too. They explained things very well and have been supporting me ever since.

Anon 7

The project has supported me and assisted me to all my appeal appointments as I have been fighting for my child’s Disability Living allowance.

Anon 8

The project has helped and assisted me to complete and help with an EHCP for my son, this has now been awarded, I have now applied for DLA with the help from the project.

Anon 9

My daughter’s health care plan was updated and this helped the Nursery to understand her condition.

Anon 10

The project helped me to complete a family fund form so I could buy a new fridge as my old one broke and financially was not able to buy one without help.

Anon 11

I moved to Wolverhampton from Spain, without any help or support, I feel very supported now.

Anon 12

The project has helped me with housing, I have now moved up a band and bidding weekly.

Anon 13