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A Heartfelt Thank You: Supporting Families In Need

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

At the Sickle Cell & Thalassaemia Support Project, we provide crucial support to families facing the challenges of sickle cell disease and thalassaemia. We understand that these conditions not only affect the individuals living with them but also their families who must navigate physical, emotional and financial difficulties.

Cat and Freh recently worked closely with us to support a family in desperate need. They donated many clothes, food, toys and toiletries to add to the items we were able to provide. We are truly grateful for their kindness.

Thank you to Cat and Freh for your dedication to supporting the families affected by sickle cell and thalassaemia blood disorders. Together, we are changing lives and building a brighter future for our community.

If you would like to donate items or contribute in any way, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Together, we can make a significant impact on the lives of those in need.

We welcome donations of items in good condition, including:

  1. Clothing: Gently used or new clothing for all ages, from infants to adults.

  2. Toys: Toys that can bring joy to children who are dealing with health challenges.

  3. Non-Perishable Food: Non-expired food items that can help alleviate the financial burden on these families.

  4. Toiletries: Everyday essentials like shampoo, soap and toothpaste

Your contributions, whether big or small, can make a profound difference in the lives of those affected by these debilitating conditions. Together, we can create a supportive community that offers hope and assistance to those who need it most.


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