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Grantham Yorke Trust

Thanks to support from the Grantham Yorke Trust, we were recently able to provide a variety of activities to support the wellbeing of young people in the community affected by Sickle cell and Thalassaemia blood disorders. 

National Grid

Thanks to support from the National Grid and Community Matters Fund, we were able to support many families and individuals affected by Sickle cell and Thalassaemia to stay warm and healthy this winter.

National Lottery Community Fund

With support from the National Lottery Community Fund, we are currently providing workshops for parents supported by SCTSP to promote positive wellbeing and behaviours. 

Collins Aerospace

We are appreciative of all the support received from Collins Aerospace in Wolverhampton including support with fundraising and events for those affected by sickle cell and thalassaemia blood disorders.

The New Black Film Collective

The New Black Film Project are working with 20 young people affected by Sickle Cell to create a media project. 

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