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Collins Aerospace and the Sickle Cell & Thalassaemia Support Project

At the Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Support Project, we are immensely grateful for all the support we've recently received from Collins Aerospace in Wolverhampton. Their dedication to our cause at recent events has left a lasting impact on our organisation.

SCTSP and Collins Aerospace staff at family fun day
Photo from Collins Aerospace Family Fun Day 2023
SCTSP staff at Wolverhampton Krazy Races
Photo from Wolverhamptons Krazy Races

Collins Aerospace was the main sponsor for Krazy Races which took place in Wolverhampton City Centre on Monday 28th August 2023.

Organisations came together to race through the streets of Wolverhampton in cars they had created themselves. This event was open to everyone where racing enthusiasts and spectators gathered to witness the excitement. We were invited by Collins Aerospace to attend Krazy Races, promoting awareness of our cause and raising funds through kind donations.

Collins Aerospace extended their support even further by inviting us to their Family Fun Day which took place on Saturday 2nd September 2023. This was an exceptional day which the families we work with closely had the opportunity to also attend. The Family Fun Day was filled with laughter, smiles and plenty of free activities for kids to get involved with. This included face painting, bouncy castles, free ice cream and much more.

Group photo by Collins Aerospace stall
Photos from Collins Aerospace Family Fun Day

At both these events, Collins Aerospace went above and beyond to raise funds for our charity. Through their hard work and the generosity of those who participated, a total of £114.98 was raised with further funds being raised online through Just Giving- an amount that will go a long way in supporting families who need it most.

A massive thank you to Collins Aerospace and everyone involved in these incredible initiatives. Your commitment to raising funds and awareness for our charity is not only much appreciated but has a big impact on families affected by sickle cell and thalassaemia blood disorders.


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