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Urgent call made by the NHS for more black blood donors to treat sickle cell disease

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Sickle cell disease is an hereditary conditon causing red blood cells to be unsually shaped. People born with sickle cell disease can experience symptons such as painful episodes known as a sickle cell crisis and anaemia. It's a serious, life-long condition.

Blood transfusions are often the best treatment for sickle cell patients when symptoms worsen. The demand for blood donation to treat sickle cell disease has risen by 67% since 2017.

Currently, the NHS is only able to provide blood transfusions that match the patients blood types just over 50% of the time. Ethnically matched blood grately reducses the risk of complications. Without matched bloods, the risk of complications is increased.

Interested in giving blood? Everytime you give blood you are helping someone who needs it. You can find more information on blood donation at


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