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Donations Event: Supporting Families to Stay Warm and Well Over Christmas

Updated: Feb 5

From Monday 18th to Wednesday 20th December 2023, the Sickle Cell & Thalassaemia Support Project invited individuals and families they support to collect items which would help them keep well over Christmas. These events took place at the SCTSP office in Wolverhampton and Wilkes Avenue Community Centre in Walsall.

Items available included:

  • Food items such as rice, pasta and cereals

  • Toiletries and nappies

  • Children's and adults clothing

  • Coats, hat, scarfs and gloves for children

  • Books and toys

These items supported families during a time that can be particularly challenging due to the cold weather and services being closed.


Feedback from the project:

"We are very happy, this means a lot to us. We won't be worried this Christmas and New Year. Thank you so much for your help and support"- Parent of a Wolverhampton Child

"The food items helped to reduce my shopping bill for a couple of weeks. Much appreciated"- Wolverhampton Adult

"These items have made a difference because of the financial crisis my families going through they are all very much appreciated."- Parent of a Walsall Child

"Its made a massive difference. It saves us a lot of money. Myself and family are very grateful and hope to have more of this kind of project"- Parent of a Wolverhampton Child


The success of this event wouldn't have been possible without the support of Collins Aerospace, whose generous contributions made the gathering of essential items feasible. Their commitment to community welfare has made a significant impact on those struggling with blood disorders.

We would also like to thank Wilkes Avenue Community Centre for offering a safe and welcoming space for families to collect items. A massive thank you as well to everyone who volunteered at these events, all support received was much appreciated.


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