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Empowering Parents: Managing Anxiety and Worries Workshops

Our Understanding and Managing Anxiety and Worries Workshops recently took place to support parents of children affected by sickle cell and thalassaemia blood disorders.

The first workshop took place on Thursday 15th June 2023 at Bob Jones Community Hub, Wolverhampton. The second tool place on Thursday 29th June 2023 and Bentley Youth and Community Centre, Walsall. We also ran this workshop virtually for anyone who was unable to attend in person.

Parents listening to facilitator at workshop
Understanding and Managing Anxiety and Worries Workshop Wolverhampton

Living with conditions such as sickle cell disease and thalassaemia can be challenging for both the affected individual and their families. It can often cause heightened anxiety and worries. Anxiety may affect how you feel physically and mentally. It may also affect how you behave. Symptoms of anxiety can include worrying about the past or future, fearing the worst and not being able to enjoy your leisure time.

By tending to their own wellbeing, parents are in a better position to support their children.

These workshops were facilitated by Raminder from Calm Behaviours. Raminder covered the causes of anxiety and the physical and mental symptoms that may come along with it. She also spoke about the importance of dealing with feelings of anxiety and worries when they first appear, otherwise, it will keep getting worse.

This was followed by Raminder sharing a variety of techniques to deal with anxiety and worries such as breathing exercises, reframing thoughts around a situation and learning to be present. She also shared some techniques that could support children such as jumping up and down on the spot for 10 seconds and then taking 3 deep breaths and avoiding things that trigger their anxiety.

Throughout the workshops, parents shared times in their lives they struggled with anxiety and worries and how they overcame those feelings.

"I enjoyed hearing everyone's experience and coping techniques"- Parent in Walsall

"I learnt how to control my anxiety"- Parent in Wolverhampton

"I've learnt everyone copes differently because we are unique individuals"- Parent in Walsall

Thank you to Raminder, the venues and the National Lottery Community Fund for making these Workshops possible.

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